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Wedding video Thailand

Wedding Showreel ‘19

Wedding video reel (Samui, Phuket, Bangkok, Los Angeles) How to choose from 30 minutes of the best wedding moments, a minute for the showreel? I think I did it! All people and weddings are so different, as sun and rain. Countries, style, culture and human features...

Anna & Robb YL residence Samui

Stylish and big wedding at Yl Residence Koh Samui. I really like the dress code at the wedding. It looks fantastic.

Jacqui and Fresh Koh Koon villa Samui

The newlyweds love the retro style and the '80s. They tried very hard to bring it into their wedding. Carefully selected style and music.

Peter and Joanna rainy wedding Thailand

A drop of rain... This day was raining heavily, but anyway the result is a wonderful wedding in the intervals.

Mia and Steven Villa Kalyana Samui

Some days, came off well. Like that time, at Mia and Steven's wedding. Nice light, nature, sea, not so hot.

Alyce and Darrell

That bride said: 50 people at the post wedding party, after watching wedding video, stood in absolute silence for the whole 8 minutes and then burst into applause at the end!

Monique and Jon wedding video Bangkok

This wedding video was shot in Bangkok, hotel Siam Kempinski - 350 guests. We have never seen such a big wedding cake before.

Erinija & Tomas Thai style wedding

Thai style wedding, atmospheric and cinematic.

Eleanor & Clement Samujana villa Koh Samui

A very beautiful wedding in the sunset. We shoot wedding videos on Samui, Phuket, Bangkok. And all over Thailand.

Lexxi & Stephen Koh Samui wedding

Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn’t want what it doesn’t have. Love doesn’t strut, doesn’t have a swelled head, doesn’t force itself on others...

Emma and Dave villa Kalyana Koh Samui

I'm trying to color grade my videos like Netflix movies. I really like the way they do it. Scottish wedding at villa Kalyana Koh Samui Thailand.

Rozan & Charles W retreat wedding Koh Samui

Good planning, nice place, couple, emotions all has turned to a great result.

Miсhelle and Samuel Ban Sairee Koh Samui

Nice wedding, with the closest people in the world. The bride's reaction: Wow, this is amazing. I love it! You’re so talented. Thank you so much!

Alexandra & Vlad Koh Samui wedding

Another couple lived their dreams. They thought of every single detail. Participated in organizing an event. It came out romantic, personal and really nice.

Aimee & Adam wedding Koh Samui

Very interesting wedding program. It seems that the guys wanted to try everything on the tropical island Koh Samui.

Fen and Lingmin wedding InterContinental Koh Samui

Nice sunny beach wedding at InterContinental hotel Koh Samui. With closest family. Сouple сame here from China.

Jon and Monique Anaheim California

We worked at Samui weddings with a lot of destination photographers from all over the world. I thought that this didn't work in the opposite direction. But then, there's a contract on us, to shoot video in California. The couple liked our wedding videos. Some very good video can push the boundaries

Akira & Zhao

Japanese wedding at Samui.

May and So wedding at Samujana Koh Samui

We shot wedding video for couples from all over the world. But for the first time from Myanmar.

winter-spring season ‘18 showreel

That's for those who doesn't have time to watch our latest wedding videos. We have prepared a short video - showreel. A few weddings for the period winter-spring '18 are represented.

Naomi and Jason Koh Samui wedding

Jamaican British & Malaysian Australian. Hot wedding party at Conrad Koh Samui.

Sean and Mink Koh Samui

This is just like magic! Buddhist monk blessing and Thai water ceremony attracts and fascinates at the same time.

Vanessa & Balazs

Another shiny and vivid wedding at the villa Kalyana.

Natalie and Simon destination wedding

Warm tropical memories for Natalie and Simon

Lili and Guillaume big wedding Villa Kalyana Koh Samui

French-Chinese wedding with numerous guests at Villa Kalyana, South of Koh Samui. All the territory was surrounded by palm trees. Drone so high, some shots of whole bay like on Google maps.

Joe and Francesca

Things to be natural.

Elena & Roman wedding video

Work a bit in indie style. An amazing couple.

Elsa Wen Chinese wedding video Koh Samui

Another awesome day Elsa and Wen. Guys came from China.

Jaсob and May Koh Samui wedding video

Video is the peak of visual art. Is able to bring any idea whole lot brighter. This combination of taste, idea, music, image, composition, directing, storyline, color, lighting, dynamic, technology and software, cameras, lenses. This is so exciting!

Celine and Anthony

How do I choose the speech for the video in French? Very simply, I speak it.

Kengo and Haruna

Crazy day. Karaoke with snakes and tea ceremony with sake, it's worthwhile to see.

Julien and Maeva Koh Samui wedding

French sounds so romantic at the wedding.

Koh Samui wedding Rimma & Luca

Big international wedding at the InterContinental hotel. Сouple met and live in Hong Kong.

Kate & Andrea

Big Russian - Italian wedding. Did the groom pass all the buy-out of bride? And will meet her?

Victoria & Dmitry wedding video Le Meridien Koh Samui

Every wedding remains in our memory one of the bright moment. In this time most memorable thing had a dress that feels like a cloud of feathers, like from Chanel No.5 commercial starring Nicole Kidman.

Anna & Gustavo Koh Samui wedding

One of the highlights, wedding with South American influence. The features of this day: guest star - elephant, and shooting from the drone.

Olesya and Vadim Wedding Film

Couple took a big part in wedding prep. Thought about all details and little things. Its a pleasure to shoot the wedding like this, and good result.

Anna and Andrey Phuket wedding video

New Phuket wedding film

Vasilisa & Andrew

Guys knows how to party. One of the most brightest weddings. Jean-Luc Godard said: "for make movies, enough to shoot free people"

Birthday on Samui

One happy family day on Koh Samui. Cool for these kids, they will have this video for the good memory.

Ivan & Nastassja Star Wars style wedding

Guys hit the party. Colorful Muslim fishing village, one of the most cool shooting places.

Ayman & Oksana

Couple met and live in Dubai

Yana & Chris

Yana and Chris wedding day. Guys know how to have fun.

Anand and Orkhon Koh Samui wedding

What comes to mind at the word: Mongolia? A vast steppe, the yurt in the middle of nowhere, grazing horses. And recently shot the video for a very lovely Mongolian couple.

Koh Samui wedding Dylan and Lulu

One of our favorite places for a wedding ceremony - Nora Buri Koh Samui.

Raimond and Amy wedding

It is pleasure to receive feedback, especially like that: We love our video and appreciate all the hard work you both had put into it. I can tell it’s truly a labour of love for you two. Keep up the great work and continue doing what you do!

Claudia & Ben Koh Samui Wedding

Real emotions and peach-colored rays of setting sun. Israel & Carribean wedding. The ceremony took place at Air Bar at InterContinental.

Riya and Alex Thailand Koh Samui

We have noted in recent years increase in weddings quality. In both decoration and storyline, locations. Can only imagine how much work that is.

Melinda and Jake destination wedding

Melinda and Jake from California. They love to travel. A whole new adventure for them - destination wedding on Koh Samui.

Freddy & Weiling Ritz Carlton Koh Samui

Just a wedding ceremony? Or a whole trip and a holiday for all friends and the families.