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Non-touristic places of interest in Koh Samui

When your friends come to your city, they often ask you to show them cool and not a tourist places, and you are sure find such places! Today we want to tell you about our favorite viewport and interesting places in Koh Samui.

1) Almost the entire coastal area of Koh Samui is made up by continuous beaches, but these two ones are the most favorite beaches.

One beach is located near Maenam Resort, in Maenam district. A real beautiful tropical beach with palm trees and a nice sandy bottom. It’s nice to roll about and sunbathe here. The number of people depends on the season.

The second beach is called Coral Cove. It's a little small beach, crimped by the stones on both sides. A very beautiful beach, and the water here is clean in all seasons. A small café with affordable prices and simple, decent food is situated right on it.

2) Wild beaches - coves. Such places are hard to find, they are often hidden from prying eyes. Usually, all wild beaches have the bottom, covered with stones and corals, but they are beautiful and secluded.

There is a small cove in the district of Bang Po before the mountain to Nathon. In order to find it, you need to walk along the sea to the left and then climb over small rocks. If you take a little food, a place can be called perfect for a secluded picnic. Let us not describe it with the words, it’s better to take a look at the photos.

There is a second secret cove in the district of Taling Ngam. The main landmark is the gates with elephants or the Elephant gate. Enter it, rest against the sea, and then turn left on foot, from 7 to 10 minutes to the stones, and here is a wild picturesque cove.

3) View point Jungle Club. One of the best viewports on the island. It’s nice to order a light cocktail here and sit on colorful cushions, admiring the island from a bird's-eye view. By the way, the food, prepared here, is not very tasty, in our opinion, but cocktails are all right. The only thing that uphill is a little bit complicated for those, who are first time riding a bike. And I would not recommend to go there in the rain.

4) Palm trees by the water near Nathon. You have often seen photos from Thailand, where palm trees are hanging over the sea, in tourist catalogs. There is such a place here. The best time for visiting is from 5 to 6 pm, as a gorgeous sunset can be observed just at that time. The place is removed from the most crowded parts of the island. Little houses, in which the elderly Europeans live, are located here.

5) Muslim Village Hua Thanon. A real bright and colorful place. An oasis of traditions, a Muslim village with a mosque. The indigenous customs of anglers could still be seen here, you can observe dozens of various fish and seafood in the local market and how it is prepared. However, it is better to come here in the first half of the day, because the fish for sale is caught at night; and in the morning, it is laid out on the counter, which means that it is the freshest one.

6) Tropical jungle in all its beauty. In the district of Maenam (Soi 1), there is a road into the mountains without sharp rises, which runs across the island to the district of Lamai. In order to get a glimpse of the island wildlife, we advise you to take a ride on this road. Tall coconut palm trees, mountains, water buffaloes and the real jungle are around.

7) Waterfall on the road to Paradise Park (Wang Sao Waterfall). The road in front of the temple Wat Khunaram. An interesting place, a gorge, consisting of rocks with a small waterfall. All the time in the shade, it is resembling dark gothic stellas.