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DJ Sacha Yonan Promotional Video

A little party never killed nobody. Sacha Yonan Dj set Koh Samui Thailand. Certainly shows the ability of shooting in the dark.

Sergey Zhukov "Take your keys"

Few days of planning, logistics, communication with the clip director and colorists, story boards, shootings. It was an amazing experience. It's almost five million viewings on YouTube. The new hit and clip of Russian pop star Sergey Zhukov, that we shot on Samui.

Uncle P - My Nyango

It's not just a music video, it's the story of one, who wanted to realize a dream. Paul is a new. He never had any songs and clips. But he always wanted to move in this direction. He found us, and came at Samui. The way it turned out this video.