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A few tips for those who are going on videography Thailand

1) Dress in light "breathing" light-colored clothing, because every shooting is a full-time job. And, in order make a good video, you will have to move much to get a dynamic live footage.

In Thailand, the climate is hot and humid, so it would seem like a simple task to take more energy and strength. Moreover, all this happens under the scorching sun... Everybody is tired, but coping. We even had a fiance with the temperature, but he endured.

A handy kit for a bridegroom is a light shirt, pants or shorts of light colors. As for brides, we don’t advise to put on crinoline, but to choose light dresses, emphasizing your values. Dresses, made of flying lightweight fabrics, look particularly impressive on photos and videos, because they are able to flutter very nicely in the wind. This gives movement to a shot and incredible femininity to a bride. Choosing a dress of fine fabric, try to choose something through which underwear is appeared least of all (the better will be, if the underwear color is of beige shades)

2) Comfortable shoes. Sandy beach, waterfalls among the rocks and roots of trees, jungle and so on – these beautiful places of wildlife require a comfortable safety footwear. We know that girl on their heels are very cute, so if you are a lover of stiletto heels, we advise you to choose two sets of shoes to your dress. Together with your heels, bring comfortable sandals or pretty flip-flops.

The same goes for the groom; it will be hot and not comfortable in dark leather shoes. If your ceremony is planned on the beach, the best thing will be summer shoes flat shoes or barefoot.

3) Do not worry about how everything goes. Everything will be cool!

Do not worry about how you'll look like in a shot! You’ll refer to the pros not for nothing – a stylist will work on your image, and a photographer with a videographer will choose the most successful camera angles, lighting, poses and will always tell you how to look better. Be the most natural, smile, and then the work on the camera will be easy and enjoyable!

If you are coming for the first time to Thailand and are afraid of the unfamiliar country - relax! Many of the "developing countries", a term from geography textbooks, are much more convenient, safer and cheaper than you think. No wonder that so many people come here for winter, many of them are with small children and infants.

A little story. Once, we have arrived at a small Thai island. We were running in search of the most beautiful places, like all tourists, who have little time and want to see everything. We shook the locals by the shirtfront, hoping to learn a super place. Therefore, we were stopped and forced to think by the answer of a sleepy Thai angler on the beach, "What are you looking for and soared, look around, you're on vacation, and beauty is everywhere here!"

And after all, he was right, "stay calm and relax" or "don't worry be happy" is a real anthem of Thailand.

4) Get enough sleep before the wedding. No botheration or business are not worth your sleep. In the morning, you'll be cute, well-slept, and full of strength.

I hope these tips will help you have a good time and get great results.